How the best museum in Dubai was built

The Museum of the Future, which is located in Dubai, is a place where you will see exhibitions on the topics of space exploration, bioengineering, ecosystems and so on.

Plunge into the world of interactive activities and be inspired to gain new knowledge. Find out more information on the about this establishment in order to make the right decision about visiting it. Believe me, you will not regret coming here, because the exhibitions evoke genuine delight.

What facts are associated with the museum?

1024 plates were used to make the façade of the building. These elements are made by robotic systems. Every detail is highly accurate and truly unique.

The museum receives energy using solar panels. They were installed on the roof and other surfaces of the building. Thanks to this decision, a significant contribution was made to the environmental situation of the country.

In addition, the museum has wastewater treatment systems. They can be reused after the cleansing process. A minimum of wastewater comes out of the building, which also has a positive effect on the environment.

The museum offers many exhibitions that will be interesting for visitors of different age categories. People will be able to get acquainted with aspects of innovative technologies of the future.

Even before opening, this establishment received international awards. This is due to the fact that it has an original design, and the innovation of architecture is unique. The museum has become a cultural symbol of Dubai and other cities.

The building is located on a green hill, which is its feature. The variety of vegetation allows the museum to look harmonious against the backdrop of the landscape. The atmosphere for visitors will be pleasant, so you will have a positive experience.

When can you visit the Museum of the Future?

The establishment is open every day — from 9.30 am to 21.00 pm. You can buy a ticket to the museum for just 149 dirhams. It is important to have this ticket with you, as it indicates the date and time of your visit to the establishment.

If the child is under four years old, is a person with disabilities or has one guardian, then entry to the museum will be free. But it is worth taking the relevant documents with you, because they may be requested from you by the customer support service.

When traveling to Dubai, be sure to plan a visit to the Museum of the Future. You will be able to get a sea of ​​positive emotions and indelible impressions. You will learn a lot of interesting things from the field of innovative technologies of the future!