How to upload a video to YouTube channel correctly

Now many users actively post videos of their own production on the YouTube channel for the purpose of subsequent earnings.

But not everyone is aware of how to correctly go through all the stages of placing a video on a given channel.

In order for you to succeed and not cause difficulties, you should adhere to the rules according to which you can easily overcome all difficulties and ambiguities caused by ignorance of the material. Upload videos or buy real youtube views (buy real views on YouTube).

The first rule is to register an account with Google. This is necessary, since YouTube is a product from Google and it is vital to go through this stage.

Then you create your channel to which you will upload videos for viewing. Remember that without confirming the presence of the channel by the phone number, you can upload videos, the duration of which does not exceed a quarter of an hour.

Now we have smoothly come to the possibility of downloading a video file. After carefully reading what you are offered, you should select the operation located on the large screen, highlighted in gray.

After adding, you just need to configure the video and publish it. If necessary, you can edit the settings directly after loading and add additional parameters.

Ways to upload videos to YouTube channel

You can upload a video to a channel in different ways. This action can be done in several ways:

  1. Uploading a video from a personal computer through a Gmail profile. This method is relevant for those who have a Gmail account. If there is none, you will have to create it. After downloading, you will need to configure the video and introduce additional parameters. Also, you can impose restrictions on video viewing for a certain circle of users. But before downloading, it will be rational to familiarize yourself with the video hosting policy to be sure that this video is not prohibited by law.
  2. Downloading a video clip from a gadget is carried out through a mobile Internet browser. You will have to face the mobile version of video hosting, which should be pinned to your device. This procedure is not much different from downloading from a personal computer. You also need to enter additional parameters, extensions so that users can fully watch your video.

Uploading a video to the YouTube channel only seems difficult; upon closer examination, everything is much easier than it seems from afar.