About wedding traditions in Georgia and their advantages

Wedding traditions in Georgia begin long before the wedding day. One of the first stages is matchmaking. According to tradition, the groom sends matchmakers to the bride’s parents to seek their blessing and approval of the marriage.

If the families come to an agreement, preparations for the engagement begin.

The next step is engagement. This is a solemn ceremony during which young people exchange rings in the presence of close relatives and friends. Betrothal symbolizes formal agreement to marriage and commitment to each other. Anyone can learn more about organizing a wedding on the https://mielwedding.com/.

Church wedding

An important element of a Georgian wedding is a wedding in an Orthodox church. This ritual is carried out in ancient temples, which gives the ceremony a special solemnity and spiritual significance. During the wedding, the priest blesses the union of the newlyweds, and they exchange crowns and candles, which symbolizes the purity and holiness of their union.

Wedding feast

A Georgian wedding is unthinkable without a grand feast, which often lasts for several days. The wedding table must include traditional Georgian dishes:

  • khachapuri;
  • khinkali;
  • shashlik;
  • satsivi, etc.

The feast is accompanied by a variety of wines and chacha, a strong national drink.
The host and organizer of the holiday occupies a central place at the feast. This is the toastmaster who makes toasts, entertains guests and ensures that all traditions are observed. The art of toastmaster is the ability to lift spirits, inspire guests and maintain the holiday atmosphere.

Music and dancing are an integral part of a Georgian wedding. National melodies and dances such as kartuli, lezginka and round dances create an atmosphere of fun and unity. Dances are performed by both professional artists and guests, which allows all participants of the holiday to feel like part of the ancient culture.