Wine glasses from Bohemia Crystal: advantages and types

As you know, drinking wine from a beautiful glass is much more pleasant than from a standard glass.

Cookware made of Bohemian glass is similar in style, harmony and ideal shapes. Excellent Czech glass allows you not only to enjoy the use of various drinks, but also to get aesthetic pleasure. You can buy glasses on the website, with delivery to the address.

Benefits of glasses

Who among us does not sometimes dream of feeling like a real sommelier who, holding a glass of wine in his hands, slowly tastes it? True lovers of relaxation should remember that an important role is played not only by the alcohol itself, its quality, taste and color, but also by the appropriate dishes from which the tasting will take place.

Czech Bohemian glass is prized above all else. This is due not only to its attractive appearance, but also to its practicality. These glasses have a unique design, special charm and precise workmanship. It should be said that it is not so easy to acquire true glass; fakes are often found.

The benefits of bohemian glasses include:

  • A wide variety of shapes, volume of glasses;
  • Original decoration;
  • Strength of glass;
  • Stable stem of the glass;
  • Long term of use of utensils.

Types of glasses from Bohemia Crystal

Depending on the purpose, there are several varieties of Bohemia Crystal glasses. Their difference lies in the shape, volume, height of the walls and the stem of the glass itself. Some models have engraving, drawing or colored elements with an edge.

Bohemia Crystal offers wine glasses in standard sizes — 100 ml, 230 ml, as well as 360 and 450 ml. A non-standard glass for true connoisseurs and admirers of grape drinks contains 780 ml.

Thanks to a properly selected wine glass, you will be able to enjoy the process, feel the notes of aroma and admire the color through the transparent walls. It is the Bohemian glass that creates the unsurpassed reflections of the wine with which the vessel is filled.

Bordeaux glasses are often used in everyday home use. For the Pinot Noir wine, it is recommended to purchase a glass with a slightly narrowed neck called Burgundy. With its help, it will be possible to catch a sweetish aftertaste. The volume is 750 ml. But for white wines it is worth purchasing glasses of a rounded shape and small volume (from 100 to 300 ml).